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3rd Annual Funniest Person In OKC Contest
329 East Sheridan - Bricktown
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Date: Tuesday Sep 05, 2017 - Saturday Oct 21, 2017
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Welcome to the 3rd Annual Funniest Person in Oklahoma City Contest, presented by OKC Comedy.

Be sure to choose the comedian you are supporting when buying tickets.

OKC Comedy is a comedy booking and promotions company based in Oklahoma City. We've been bringing some of the nation's top comedians to the Sooner State since 2007.

Wed - Sept 13th @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Fri - Sept 15th @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Fri - Sept 22nd @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Wed - Sept 27th @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Thurs - Sept 28th @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Fri - Sept 29th @ 51st Street Speakeasy

Wed - Oct 4th @ 51st Street Speakeasy
Thurs - Oct 5th @ 51st Street Speakeasy

Finals: Sat - Oct 21st @ ACM@UCO Performance Lab

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Nora Gnabasik
Brian Winkeler
Johann Kurien
Alex Sanchez
Ben Flint
Christopher Fox
Jenny Godwin
Josiah Overstreet
Kevin Schuller
Lenny Vanhorn
Matt Raney
Steven Patchin

Zach Ishikawa
Zach Milvo
Mack O Henson
Jeramy Westbrook
Heath Huffman
Catherine Johnson
Cristy Wilson
James Curtis
Amanda Kerri
Matthew Evans
Martin Duprass
Amanda Stonebarger

Madison Allen
Aaron Wilder
Alex Wilbanks
Anthony Cavazos
Bryce West
Collin Brown
Heath Huffman
Julie Drake
Markett Jones
Michel Henson
Tom Taylor
Michael Mann

James Nghiem
Joshua Clark
Andrew Shank
Ashley Winnard
Cameron Brewer
Devin Campbell
Jacob Hansen
Justin Kiethley
Ken Conley
Merle McGary
Stephanie Burke
Steve Hernandez
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