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City Cabaret OKC at The Movies - Two Shows
4200 N Western
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Date: Friday, Feb 22 2019 - Saturday, Feb 23 2019
For performers, The City Cabaret OKC provides an opportunity to escape the physical traits of roles which are commonly cast based on appearances. With that freedom in hand, they are given a central theme about which to choose works which are meaningful to them. Thus while the theme of the show is known ahead of time, the material which will be presented is unknown until the cast is chosen. Their performances deliver the power of their relationship to the music and create shows which serve as a snapshot of a group, time, and place.

For audiences, The City Cabaret OKC encapsulates what happens when performers gather in each other's living rooms. In an intimate setting, we connect directly and emotionally with each other as friends often do but with the added advantage of communicating through music. Inclusive, unpretentious, and authentic, we pull down our walls for a while as we share our successes, struggles, joys, pain, and laughter. We invite you to join in that experience, to be a part of our inner circle for an evening.

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VZD's Restaurant & Bar
Friday, Feb 22 2019 at 08:00 PM
VZD's Restaurant & Bar
Saturday, Feb 23 2019 at 08:00 PM
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