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Delektronidisco Ft. Hooked Like
211 E Main Street
Norman, OK 73069

Date: Friday, May 17 2019 10:00 PM
Doors: 9:00 PM - This event is 21 & Over
Promoter: Tikkun Olam Productions
   Hooked Like
Main Support:
   Pi Wrecks
   Pilz Beats
   Sick Nick
DelektronidiscO featuring
The debut tour of Hooked Like, a collaborative project between Pi Wrecks (MA); Triphop, Electro-Soul, Tripstep and Pilz Beats (WA); Inter-galactic liquid jazz.
Resident DJ Sick Nick will also be performing his blend of house/techno/ghetto and bass beats.

Event Tickets

Tickets went off Sale on Saturday, May 18 2019 but may still be available at the door
Pi Wrecks is the moniker of electronic music producer/DJ, Jeffrey Edinger, based out of western Massachusetts. Inspired by the sound stylings of Pretty Lights and Gramatik, and with a background in hip hop, Pi Wrecks aims to re-introduce “soul” to the electro-soul genre. His heart-filled melodies juxtaposed with tastefully gritty bass and upbeat funky elements create a well-rounded, dynamic listening experience, taking his listeners all over the spectrum of human emotion. Pi Wrecks’ music reflects the deadly combination of someone who is simultaneously a creative whirlwind as well as a perfectionist, with innovative intricacies and meticulous subtleties that continually impress audiences across the country. A true artist in every sense of the word, Pi Wrecks refuses to allow his art to be confined within a box defined by genre, mood, or style, which is why he is quickly gaining momentum and amassing a hungry, loyal fanbase. Ranging from high energy collaborations with guitarists, rappers, and percussionists to downtempo solo pieces, Pi Wrecks’ music demonstrates his versatility and ability to impress a wide variety of audiences while staying true to his artistic vision. With the goal of evoking powerful emotion and connecting with his listeners on a deep, meaningful level, his genuine passions for music and breaking new ground are undeniably contagious in the electronic music community.

Pilz Beats creates samples from the world around him, melding the serene expressions of cities, spirited rainforests and ethereal synth work into soundscapes that delve the listener into a blissed-out world of nostalgia and groove filled psychedelia. Funky horn riffs, experimental jazz-keys and dimension ripping bass-lines are all tested components of Pilz’s productions - an alchemical synthesis of soul into song.
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