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Client Proposal - Sell Tickets With Us

Client Proposal - May, 2016


Ticket Storm has the most reasonable event ticket service charges in the market. There is no cost for our service for event promoters, all profits for Ticket Storm is derived from the modest service charges paid by ticket purchasers. We believe in quality service, strong promotion and doing what ever it takes to keep our clients and customers happy. Ticket Storm embraces cutting edge technology and we implement it whenever possible. Our ticket distribution network includes retail outlets (where available), a full service phone center as well as our core online sales center. Customers have the option of printing their tickets, having tickets shipped or being placed on a will call list for pick up at the door, though Clients may choose which delivery methods best suit their needs. Ticket Storm will pay all revenues owed for an event by check the day of show. We can also provide cash or cashiers check with prior notice. - Our main site encompassing all aspects of our ticketing websites - Event ticketing for casinos - Our original event ticketing site - Sister site for the Tulsa, OK market

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Experience
    2. Company Philosophy
  2. Technology
    1. Ticket Scanners
    2. E-Tickets
    3. API (Application Programming Interface)
    4. 100% Web Browser Based
    5. Security
    6. Real Time Statistics of Sales
    7. Revenue Sharing
    8. Event Coupon's
    9. Automatic Reports
    10. Assigned Seating Capabilities
    11. Select A Seat Technology
    12. Instant Email Order Notification
    13. iPhone Compatible
  3. Services
    1. Hard Ticket Printing
    2. Box Office
    3. Additional Event Services
  4. Marketing
    1. Oklahoma Based
    2. Email Blasts
    3. E-Tickets
    4. Events syndicated around the world
    5. Facebook API
  5. Ticket Distribution
    1. Online
    2. Phone
    3. Outlets


  1. Experience - Tickets Storm is a well established, Oklahoma City based, event ticketing company. Pioneering online ticketing technology in Oklahoma since 1999, we continue to provide innovative solutions for our customer's event purchasing needs as well as seamless ticketing solutions for promoters, event organizers and outlets. We have 16 years of experience in every aspect of box office management, event promotion and concert production. We regularly attend events we provide ticketing for and are happy to handle all aspects of the box office.
  2. Company Philosophy - We have the most reasonable event ticket service charges in the full service segment of event ticketing. We believe that event attendees should not be forced to pay the skyrocketing service charges associated with some events. Charging a fair service fee keeps our customers loyal and happy. We feel event ticketing service charges have gotten so high it actually deters customers from attending or forces them to decide if the event is worth the cost. Additionally, a portion of money saved from service charges will probably be spent at the event on gaming, food, beverages and merchandise. Additionally, as we are a young ticketing company we work extremely hard to earn the loyalty of our clients. We feel it is in our and our client's best interest to actively promote all events on our different systems and create tools to help clients easily disseminate event information.


Ticket Storm strives to stay 100% on top of all current technologies in the ticketing industry. To better serve our clients we are continually upgrading our products and creating innovative new ways to get ticket and event information to potential customers. Because client satisfaction is our or number one focus, we cater to our client's specific needs. Ticket Storm can provide custom programming, adding special services or applications that may be required.

  1. Ticket Scanners - All of our tickets include a unique barcode on each ticket. We then use very robust ticket scanners, which allow us to verify each ticket's authenticity at the door before the customer is given access to the event. All tickets are checked in real time, which means you never have to worry about one ticket being used by more than one person at any event.
  2. E-Tickets - Customers have the ability to purchase E-Tickets when they order online. This allows them to print their tickets from any computer that has a printer and internet connection. Since there is always the possibility that tickets can be printed multiple times, each ticket has a unique barcode. This barcode along with our ticket scanners allow us to verify that every ticket can only be used only once. The E-Tickets is also a great option for our customers, if they happen to loose their tickets, they simply login to their account and reprint their tickets again.
  3. API (Application Programming Interface) - "An application programming interface (API) is a source code interface that a computer system or program library provides to support requests for services to be made of it by a computer program. From Wikipedia"

    API is a fancy way of saying we can import your event information in real time directly onto your website By integrating our API with your website your event information, when posted, will automatically display on your site with a link for your customers to purchase the tickets. By importing this information it will reduce your work load and give you the peace of mind knowing your events are correctly updated on your site. If you are not sure on how to integrate the API onto your website, don't worry, we have application examples and can help you integrate the API onto your website for you at no additional fee or we can install it for you.
  4. 100% Web Browser Based - We have developed our system to be 100% web based (unless a customized application is requested by the client) which allows for a wide variety of benefits. Because we are web based we can make upgrades to the software, provide real time data, and update any changes in a listing instantly in a seamless process. Additionally being 100% web based also allows our customers to be able to login and manage their account anytime from anywhere.
  5. Security - Being 100% web based Ticket Storm is serious about security. The following are a few of the measures we have in place to insure our customers privacy.
    1. Session Timeouts - Even though you have the ability to save your login information when you access our website, the backend requires you to verify your password if you have been inactive on our website for one hour. This helps you secure your account if you forget to logout and someone else has access to your computer.
    2. SSL Encryption - We use a 256-bit encryption for all sensitive information that is passed thru the internet. This means that as soon as the data leaves your computer the information cannot be read by anyone else. When our software receives this data from your computer only then we decrypt the data to process it. This insures maximum security to our clients and customers.
    3. Storing of Credit Card Information - Tickets Storm does not store customer's credit card information. As soon as orders are processed all credit card information, excepting last four digits, is automatically deleted from our system.
  6. Real Time Event Statistics - When you login to your account you are able to see all your events listed. At one quick glance you can get real time counts for each event you have on the system. You also have the ability to determine how many tickets are sold in each price level (if applicable) and how or where each ticket was purchased. By knowing if tickets are being purchased online, by phone, at outlets or your own Box Office will help in determining advertising and promotional directions. Almost all of our reports can be setup to automatically email anyone on set intervals. This gives you the ability to keep the booking agents happy with event statistics in their email box every day or at their own set interval.
    1. Box Office Settlement - Gives you a quick rundown of how many tickets were sold from each source
    2. Purchased Ticket List - The purchased ticket list gives you a list of each user that purchased the tickets and where the tickets are located. If the event is a General Admission event, it will list GA under the Section/Row/Seat. We encourage all promoters/box office managers to print the Purchased Ticket list before the event incase the internet at your venue goes offline.
    3. Daily Ticket Sales - With the Daily Ticket Sales it gives you the ability to see how many orders and tickets were sold each day and through what purchase method they sold the tickets. This is very helpful to many promoters/box office managers to show how your different marketing campaigns have affected ticket sales.
    4. Ticket Sales By Zip Code - Ever wonder where people who purchase your tickets live? Now you can find this information by looking at the Ticket Sales by Zip Code report. This report lists out each zip code/city name and how many tickets were sold at that location.
    5. Daily Page views - The Daily Page View report allows for you to see how many people are visiting your event page to check on the details. Did you send out a mass email or myspace post? Now you can see how many people actually came to the event page to check out the details.
    6. Outlet Sales Totals - The Outlet Sales Report gives you a breakdown of each outlet and how many tickets they sold for the event.
    7. Sales By Coupon - The Sales by Coupon allow for you to see how many tickets were sold for each coupon that has been assigned to the event.
    8. Extended Event Info - The Extended Event Information report gives you more in-depth information about each order that has been placed. The two columns of interest in this report are the "HeardAboutThisEvent" and "ReferralLocation." When users are going through the checkout process, they will be asked how they heard about the event. The response will be listed in the "HeardAboutThisEvent" column. This is an optional field at the time, but we can make it a required field on a per-event basis.
  7. Revenue Sharing - With our unique Revenue Sharing that is added onto each event, it allows us to split up the costs associated with each ticket/order in many different scenarios. For example, we could pay Promoter #1 75% of the ticket price collect, and then pay a second promoter the reminder 25%. Facility fees and other associated fees can be added to each event if needed.
  8. Event Coupons - Have you ever thought about offering coupon's to your clients to give them that call to action to purchase tickets right away? What a great way to reward members of your newsletter then giving them a coupon only available for a certain time period. When potential ticket buyers receive a few dollars off to go ahead and purchase the tickets, many promoters see an increase in ticket sales. In the Event Coupons we also have the ability to preset a large list of coupons that each one can only be used one. This gives you the ability where you can reward certain people and make sure they are the only one that can use the coupon or that they can only use it once. Our events do have the ability to have unlimited number of coupons assigned to them.
  9. Automatically Generated Reports - Tired of booking agents or labels asking you three times a week how many tickets have been sold to an event? With our automated reports you can setup a schedule to send out these reports to who you want, when you want. You can send reports to anyone with an email address, in HTML or PDF format, on certain (or every) days of the week or any preset time.
  10. Assigned Seating Capabilities - From a basic seating chart to a complex chart we have the ability to handle your reserved ticketing needs. When purchasing, customers are prompted to pick which section they would like to purchase tickets from, or they can select Best Available which gives them the best possible seat in the venue at that particular time. Our innovative technology does not allow seat spacing (buying 2 seats with1 in the middle) and we try never to split up customer's orders unless there are no additional seats left (which they would be informed). We also try and fill in every single seat starting from the front of the section. If someone comes in and orders one ticket, we will find the best available single seat that is still on the system.
  11. Select A Seat Technology - If your venue has assigned seating, our web based software allows for certain individuals to select the seats to be purchased. This option is only available to Box Office, Outlet's or Phone Orders to help make sure that every seat is filled in the best possible fashion.
  12. Instant Email Order Notification - Our Instant Email Order Notification has the ability to send you an email with the order information as soon as the order has been placed from internet, phone or outlet sales. This allows you to be in control of your seating and/or sales. If you have your own box office, let our integrated system process the orders and immediately notify your box office staff so they can create the orders in your system.
  13. iPhone Compatible - The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the music industry. For this reason we have created our entire website to be iPhone Compatible. This way if people are looking for information on your event while on the GO, they can find it, purchase tickets or even get directions.


  1. Hard Ticket Printing - Ticket Storm uses a state of the art thermal ticket printing system with our own custom ticket stock. All tickets are numbered for security. We can supply anywhere from 50 to 50,000 hard tickets if needed. We can also print comp ($0.00 value) tickets for promotions, radio station giveaways, etc. Any ticket that is printed that we do not sell, we charge a very small $0.10 a ticket with no setup fees.
  2. Box Office - Ticket Storm provides service! We have 16 years of experience in every aspect of box office and event management. Make your event simple and let us handle all your box office needs. We can provide complete box office solutions ranging from small club or theater events to huge festivals.
  3. Additional Event Services - With our many contacts in the entertainment industry we can help you in many additional ways. Our relationships include the best professional event service providers in Oklahoma. Let our contacts work for you. We can supply sound, lights, security, stagehands, catering, beverage service, staging, transportation services and much more to help make your event a success.


We are in business to sell your tickets. We actively work to get your event information to the ticket buying public through many different relevant ways.
  1. Oklahoma Based - Being Oklahoma based gives us a unique knowledge and a vested interest in our community and state. Our marketing strategy is focused primarily on the Oklahoma Market with strong media ties with other local entertainment information outlets.
  2. Email Blasts - All of your events will be included in our regular entertainment email blasts. These emails are geared specifically towards event ticket purchasers and others who have signed-up for event information. Ticket Storm emails always includes an opt-out and we never spam.
  3. E-Tickets Advertising - All printed E-Tickets will include advertising promoting your upcoming events. As the majority of our ticket purchasers prefer the security of printing their own tickets, your message will be with them even after the event has passed.
  4. Events syndicated around the world - We have partnered up with and to have all of the events that are posted on our system automatically added directly into their website. Both of these websites are some of the industry leaders for event information on the internet. With each of these websites allowing other website's to syndicate their content, your information will be scattered all around the internet for potential ticket buyers.
  5. Facebook API - Many promoters find the task of keeping their Facebook profile updated with the latest event information very time consuming. We stepped in and automated the task giving you an API that list out all of your events that are currently on sale. Never worry about keeping your profile updated as soon as shows are over it will automatically be removed from your Facebook profile.

Ticket Distribution

  1. Online - With the safety, simplicity and convenience of online sales the majority of our customers choose this option. Most online purchasers print their own tickets reducing ‘will call' lines and box office congestion.
  2. Phone - Our telephone system allows for your potential ticket buyers to call our toll free number and purchase tickets at no additional charge. Besides selling tickets our knowledgeable sales staff can also answer many questions regarding your event, venue, etc. All customers purchasing by phone have the option of printing their own E-Tickets.
  3. Outlets - Ticket Storm outlets include all Party Galaxy stores in metro Oklahoma City and a network of businesses and independent record stores throughout Oklahoma. With the simplicity of our system we can easily turn anyone into an outlet quickly in new markets as needed. All the outlet needs is a computer and a standard printer to be fully up and running.


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