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BUCKCHERRY with Special Guest: Eva Under Fire
4204 S. 4th Street
Chickasha, OK 73018

Date: Saturday, July 17 2021 08:00 PM
Doors: 6:00 PM - This event is All Ages
Promoter: Legends Pub House & Venue
Special Guest:
   Eva Under Fire
Buckcherry is the rare band whose talent has allowed them to get away with using F...bombs in their biggest radio hit "Crazy Bitch" Todd didn't hesitate when it came to looking at all sides during the creation of Warpaint. "I don't censor myself when I write," he understates. "I use profanity in my everyday life and it's all around me, and us. So, on this record, I looked at all my lyrics, and if I felt swearing might be overdone, I changed it. But if it was needed, I left it, because, ultimately, I have to be happy with it."

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Buckcherry's latest album "Warpaint" delivers an aural punch, a refreshing boldness even on the ballads, and stellar lead guitar work (check out the fretwork on "Vacuum") and the album closes with an unexpected kick. Todd explains: "'Radio Song' is introspective look at myself my part in things. And 'No Regrets' is so heavy for me to listen to. Stevie came in with this music, saying he wanted to write a punky, Social Distortion-type song. It was amazing, so I went back to my 15-year-old punk rock self and what was going on with me. I thought about the independent records I listened to then, and what they meant to me, plus all the dysfunction that was going on in my home when I was growing up. And it all came out of me in this song." The raucous 'Devil in the Details" ends Warpaint with "a fiery burnout.

I like to put songs like that deep on the record so that people who are really into your band for more than just the single get to discover something cool. Just a little thank-you for sticking around to the end. "Then,of course, there's the wild-card on Warpaint: Buckcherry's take on Nine Inch Nails' classic "Head like a Hole". It was just done as a lark, live in the studio, but came out so cool it made the album. "Yeah,it was very organic. I don't know Trent [Reznor] but I really admire him," Todd says. "He did his own thing and created a sound for himself and a brand and really stuck to it. When I listen to Nine Inch Nails, I admire the honesty, and no rules."
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