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The Fabric Of Reality
816 Montgomery Street
Dallas, TX 75215

Date: Sunday, February 09 2020 06:00 PM
Doors: 6:00 PM - This event is All Ages
Promoter: RKJ
   RKJ Clothing
   Action with Compassion Dallas Inc
[ Early Bird ] Ticket $20

Access to the pre show Mixer and General Admission to the Fashion Show, limited so get yours while you can!

[ General Admission ] Ticket $25

For a base price of $25 you'll gain access to the pre show Mixer, [ The Fabric of Reality ] Fashion Show and [ Listening Party ]

[ Front Row Package ] $30

Start the event off with the pre show Mixer then get a great look at the designs from the front row, where you can enjoy everything without distraction. You also gain access to the [ Listening Party ]!

[ VIP Package ] $40

Wow, you're in for a really great time! Start the event off with the pre show Mixer then enjoy the best seat(s) we have to offer so if you're looking to see great details on each design, this is for you. Enjoy the fashion show experience completed with two complimentary drinks. Get ready and buckle in because it's going to be a journey. Also gain access to the [ Listening Party ]!

Event Tickets

Price Levels

Early Bird $20.00
VIP $40.00
Front Row Package $30.00
General Admission $25.00
Get yourself ready to enter the great world of [ RKJ ] by traveling through out [ The Fabric of Reality ]. The show itself will be the beginning of a tour. Those who attend can expect to see beautiful women and handsome men walking our runway in innovative, eloquent garments from the talented designer Ronald K. Jones II. This is no ordinary show, so we can guarantee you will be leaving differently than you came. We're starting the event off with a pre-show Mixer before the transformative show that leads into a [ Listening Party ]. We're also showing love and support to the Action With Compassion Dallas Charity organization. With that being said, grab your tickets, and buckle up because it's about to be the journey of a lifetime! Doors open at 6 PM, and we advise you to be on time in order to get the full experience!

[ Action With Compassion ]
Action with Compassion Dallas Inc was established as a charitable, nonprofit organization by Kim Olusanya in 2017. Its goals are to support victims of domestic violence and find ways to reduce domestic violence in the community and gun fatalities in the home.
Action with Compassion Dallas Inc is registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization established to serve the public for the above purposes, by the state of Texas and the U.S.

[ Unplugged ]
Society has a strong hold on our views, and often influence the way we maneuver through life itself. One of the most efficient ways of breaking this reality is to “unplug.” Designs and clothing professionals can appreciate, helping individualism to co exist in the business realm. You may have to wear a certain attire but it doesn’t have to lack style or creativity, this collection will make sure of that!
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